Tour 2015

Posted on Mar 24 by admin

We had an awesome week on Spring tour together! We racked up a total of 10 performances by the end of the week, and saw some incredible sights. We met some friends at Longwood University, sang on WFLO radio in southern Virginia, drove to Nashville, sang at the Barbershop Harmony Society, and so much more! We had the opportunity to meet incredible people and performance groups, including the internationally recognized Music City Barbershop Chorus in Nashville. After our Nashville adventures, we drove to northern Virginia to sing at a few high schools and for a gigantic philanthropic event at Bishop O'Connell High School. We were exhausted by the end of the weekend, but we will look back fondly on all of our new memories.

Gentsat Wflo

New Semester, New Gentlemen!

Posted on Feb 17 by admin

It's been a whirlwind since being back to campus! We had an incredibly fun and successful spring audition process. We're so excited to share that we have new Gentlemen! Will Woltz, Thompson Hangen, and Matthew Spears-Heinel, we are so lucky and happy to welcome you into our singing family! 

Our Wren Ten is fast approaching. Next Wednesday, February 25th, we will be performing some of our new songs at the FIRST Wren Ten of the semester! This weekend will be our retreat for the semester, and we will be staying nearby in Williamsburg. It will be a great weekend spent together learning new music and getting to know the newest members of our group. 

We are also beginning our plans for Final Concert! It will be a celebration of the 25th year of the Gentlemen of the College in Phi Beta Kappa Hall. More updates to come!

Gentlemen Celebrate 25th Annual Homecoming Concert

Posted on Oct 16 by admin

It's that time of year again. Hundreds, or maybe thousands, of alumni flock back to campus to celebrate. It's certainly one of our favorite weekends and concerts of the entire year. This Saturday, October 18th, the Gentlemen of the College will be presenting our 25th annual Homecoming Concert. This is the 25th year that the Gentlemen have been in existence, and we couldn't me more excited or proud to share our long history with the rest of campus. We will be in Commonwealth Auditorium on Saturday at 1:00pm singing nearly our entire repertoire for our William & Mary community. Come celebrate with us!Gocc

New year...NEW Gentleman!

Posted on Sep 12 by admin

We are so excited to be back on campus, but we are even more excited to welcome our newest Gentlemen of the College: Jacob Miller! Head shots of the new group will be up soon...but we just had to break the news before then. Other than that, the fall semester has been off to a great start, and we are heading off to retreat tomorrow night. This year we decided to travel a bit further than down Lafayette Street, so we will be road tripping down to the Outer Banks tomorrow after classes are over! It will be a great weekend to relax and spend time together along with learning some great new music. Be sure to download our most recent release on iTunes...Night On the Town! Mixed and mastered by Danny Ozment of Emerald City Productions, we are so excited to share these new tunes with you.


Exciting New Things for The Gentlemen!

Posted on May 11 by admin

Goc Endof2014

Although another great school year has come to an end, exciting things are still in store for the Gentlemen! Please check out our newest full-length album on iTunes - "Blending In." We are so excited about the album and hope that you enjoy our music. It's been an awesome year with a lot of hard work, and we can't wait for what next fall has to bring. Stay tuned for some Gentlemen updates and a few big announcements throughout the summer!