Spring Semester Updates

Posted on Jan 14 by admin

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We're really excited to be back in Williamsburg for another fun semester of singing, and we hope to see you in the audience sometime soon!  There are some big plans in the works for new Gentlemen, new music, and more coming up soon, so if you haven't already, be sure to connect with us on social media (links on the sidebar) for the latest updates on what we're doing!  In the mean time, here are some upcoming events:

- The Spring A Cappella Showcase - January 22nd, 8 PM, Commonwealth Auditorium - We'll be performing along with William and Mary's entire a cappella community.  It's a great opportunity to catch a lot of new music, as well as to sign up for auditions...

- Spring Auditions - January 23rd, 6 PM, Morton Hall - Mark your calendars and prepare a solo, because we want to hear from you!  The Gentlemen are holding auditions for all voice parts!

- New Album Coming Soon - We're hard at work recording new music, and our first full album since 2012 will be ready for release this spring!  More details will be available soon, so stay tuned to our social media feeds!

Yule Log Performance!

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We're well on our way to another great season of caroling, and we can't wait to join in the Yule Log festivities next Saturday!  Come join us at the Wren Building at 6:00 PM on Dec. 14th and help spread the holiday cheer!

On another note, if that's not enough a cappella, our newest holiday album, "Home for Christmas" is now available to purchase right here!  Check it out!

The Great Gentlemen Serenade Giveaway!

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Like us on Facebook (link to the right --->) and share this photo for a chance to win a personal serenade!!

Audition Update

Posted on Aug 30 by admin

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There is still time to sign up for an audition!  Sheets are posted in the lobby of Ewell Hall, and auditions begin in Washington 308 at 6:00 PM.  We'd love to see you there!

What to Expect When You're Auditioning

Posted on Aug 24 by admin


1) Stop by the WM A Cappella Showcase on Wednesday night at 8 PM

If you're not already familiar with our group's sound, the Showcase is a great opportunity to see what an a cappella performance feels like.   We'll be performing two of our newest songs, and afterward, we'll have a table set up where you can sign up for an audition time slot (the earliest slots go first) and ask us any questions you might have.

2) Pick an awesome audition song

The key to song selection is finding a piece that shows off the most unique aspects of your tone and range without overreaching and sounding forced or unnatural.  In other words, pick something that you feel comfortable and confident singing.  Our repertoire is very diverse, and so are our individual musical tastes, so don't feel like there are "right" and "wrong" genres for audition songs.  From Barbershop to Motown to recent Top 40 hits, we've got you covered, and we can't wait to jam out with you!

3) Be smart about preparing

Control what you can control.  Your musical ability is already there, so make sure you don't let outside factors cover it up.  As exciting as the beginning of freshman year can be, staying up all night and screaming at the top of your lungs tend to get in the way of a good singing voice.   Make sure you get a good night of sleep and drink plenty of fluids on Audition Day...and a good dinner before you come in can kill those nervous butterflies!